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A reminder that orders placed on or after 05/08 will be shipped out the first week of June. I will be out of town for work during this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at info@manixpress.com

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Select your design, and choose "Free Sizing Kit" under the sizing option. You will receive the shape selected. Sizing kits are shipped out immediately. Choose from several nail styles to find your preference. Once you've received your sizing kit, email your sizes and order number to info@manixpress.com and leave the rest to us!

Unsure about nail sizing? Pick up a sizing kit to find your perfect fit. Your sizing kit will come with free standard shipping for your next purchase.

But why press-on nails?!

Our nail sets are durable, affordable, and painted with high quality gels. All sets are made to order, which means you can customize anything to your preference! Through customization, you can choose the perfect design. ♡

Don't feel guilty about treating yourself to manicure. Your nails accentuate your look and have the ability to boost your confidence. It is important to treat yourself to pretty nails - without breaking the bank.