Nail Care/FAQ

Hello! Welcome - a bit about our press-on nails.

1. All nail tips are sized from 0-9, with zero being the largest. It’s important to have the correct size because:

• If a nail is too small, it could pinch the nail bed, causing pain and discomfort
• If a nail is too large, you risk gaps around the edges, eventually leading to water entering and hair snagging
In both cases, the nail can pop off prematurely.

2. Properly prepping your nail is 🔑 Prepping includes:
• Wiping away excess oils using alcohol
• Having dry hands
• Pushing back cuticles
• Buffing off the shiny layer from the nail bed
• (Trimming your nails is optional)

3. Remember, glue is your friend! Apply glue on both, the underside of the press on nail and your nail bed. The amount of glue can be determined based on how long you wish to wear your nails.

4. There are several types of adhesives out there, but we’ve found that a brush on nail glue works best. It applies even amounts of glue to the surface of the nails, without the mess of excess glue and easily avoids air gaps. Excess glue can potentially ruin your nail design!

PS - When applying glue avoid any "air gaps" or bubbles under the nail. Apply the nail starting from the cuticle and press down.

5. Cure time! With most glues they need time to dry - avoid water for 1-2 hours post application to allow the glue to fully bond.

How do your press-ons work?

Sets come with 10, hand-painted gel nails tailored to your nail sizes!

Start off by picking up a sizing kit in your favorite shape. With this kit, you'll be able to match sizing perfectly for each nail. Visit the sizing guide for more information. 

Come back with your nail sizes and pick out your favorite design, choose your nail shape, and finish. 

Or, receive a free kit: Select your design, and choose "Free Sizing Kit" under the sizing option. You will receive the shape selected. Sizing kits are shipped out immediately. Choose from several nail styles to find your preference. Once you've received your sizing kit, email your sizes and order number to and leave the rest to us!

Are all the nail shapes the same size?

Most are the same, but due to variances in shapes in lengths, some nail shapes have different sizing. The best option is to order a sizing kit in your preferred shape. 


There are variances between nail shapes due to different styles and shapes. Please use respective sizing kits.

PLEASE NOTE: Medium stiletto runs smaller than the average nail shapes. Sizing with this shape will only work for this shape and none others.

We are not responsible for incorrect sizes ordered and cannot offer refunds due to the nature of the product. We do no accept returns or exchanges but will offer our assistance if there are any issues with your order.

What is included with my nail set?

Every set comes with 10 nails, nail file, buffer, and a cuticle stick.

How do I remove my nails?

Soak in warm/hot soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes. Utilize the cuticle stick to pry around the edges and loosen the nail until it is safely removed.

How do I select a finish/what is the difference?

Do you prefer gloss or matte finish on your nails? Both are beautiful but here’s some things to keep in mind:

Matte can be considered a photogenic finish and looks beautiful. However, matte is a porous top coat and will eventually absorb oils from your hands, lotions, make up etc., and will appear “dirty” much faster. Nail sets will degrade in quality after 3 days. Pro tip: Use alcohol to refresh your nails. Avoid lighter nail colors.

Ultimately, gloss provides the best protection. The hard diamond top coat won’t allow for materials to absorb into it and will hold shape much longer. Pro tip: always choose gloss when using glitters

What is processing time?

The time frame in which it takes to create and ship your order after the order has been submitted. On average, processing time is between 1-3 weeks. Processing time varies based on order volume.

Where do you ship?

United States only.

Is there an order limit?

There is no order limit, however orders over $200, or 8 sets (whichever comes first) will have an extended processing time up to four weeks depending on order size.

What is rush processing?*

Rush processing is an add-on offered if you need an item sent out immediately. It guarantees your order will be processed and shipped within 1 day. This is separate from shipping. More shipping options are available at check out.

*(Rush processing is not always available)

What shipping options do you offer?

Standard shipping via USPS for $5.00 or free over $75.

Expedited (1-3 days) shipping via USPS or UPS for $10.00

Shipping to US only.

Do you offer refunds?


However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are here to help.

You have 5 calendar days of receiving your product to notify us if your product arrived broken or damaged. We ask that you send a photo of the damaged product. We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. For assistance, email us at

We are not responsible for incorrect sizes ordered and cannot offer refunds. We do no accept returns or exchanges but will offer our assistance if there are any issues with your order.

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